Tuesday, 22 October 2019

It was a great honour!

It was a great honour and pleasure for our school to welcome the Minister of Education Mag. Dr. Iris Rauskala and a large number of special guests. Our school was chosen for an Erasmus Day opening ceremony! #Erasmusdays (10.-12. October 2019). 

Surprises for our special guests - designed by 3B and Barbara Höller-Öhner

Escape the Waste!


On the 7th of October the 3B and 3C had the opportunity to visit the MA 48 - the municipal waste collection service in Vienna. There we learned a lot about the waste collection system in Vienna and in particular about recycling. Apart from that we got possibility to try the three brand-new Escape-Rooms there. It was an educational and fun trip at once! Thank you!

Gratis Aktionen der Abfallberatung für Kindergärten und Schulen


Welcome to our Blog!

We are students and teachers from a bilingual school in Vienna (VBS/MS In der Krim). In September 2019 we  started a Erasmus+-Project with a Spanish School from Pilas (IES, Torre del Rey). Together we have a dream - a vision: We want to save our planet!
The exact title of our Erasmus+-Project is: 

"OUR PLANET, OUR FUTURE - inspiring children to care for the environment"

Our aim is to create awareness of environmental issues, promote thinking about ecology within the framework of school.
We want to generate greater understanding of problems related to "plastic waste" and develop strategies on how to reduce or even avoid producing such waste.
We want to highlight, that we live in a wasteful consumer society and the problem is not a local one but a global problem and as global citizens, we have to change our attitude on producing waste.

We want the students to understand, the biggest challenges facing the environment today by:
- learning to avoid creating unnecessary waste
- recycling waste in an environmentally sensitive way
- exchanging and upcycling used products
- growing our own herbs, fruit and vegetabels

In addition the students will learn to
- make short films and tutorials
- take care of and update a webblog
- produce a photo documentary of their work und publish it
- plan and set up an exchange market for used clothes

If you are interested in seeing our progress and activities, you are very welcome to follow our blog!

eTwinning Live - project description